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Our stock photography agency site carries a searchable stock of botanically labeled stock plant photos, stock flower photo, orchid stock photos, backyard lifestyle & gardening images from the United States and England, in every category imaginable. Whatever your stock photo needs, from beautiful flowers to tempting vegetables to scenic nature landscapes to pictures of garden pests & weeds that plague them, Garden can quickly fill your worldwide garden photography pictures needs from our picture library inventory of over 250,000 images. Garden stock photography is our specialty! Search our digital image archive (constantly being expanded), and/or have us create personalized online lightboxes. High resolution images are a click away. Find the stock image you need, then use the shopping cart feature, or contact us for more specialized service and a more in-depth search. Established since 1984, Garden has many major clients and thousands of photocredits in publishing, advertising, editorial, greeting cards & other commercial merchandise. Let us help make your picture search job easier.

Please note: We have thousands more images not yet online from our picture library database to be searched. If you want the largest selection, send us your photo requests for even more choices, a personalized lightbox, & high res downloads.

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Some of our Stock Garden Images used as Covers:
Urban Farm Magazine cover photo by judywhite
Bloom Again Orchids by judywhite
Garden Design Flower Photos Amaryllis
Planting the Dry Shade Garden by Graham Rice, photography by judywhite
Landscape Photos Plans cover by judywhite
Gardening Perennials Hostas Plants Stock Photography Leaves Foliage
Tulips Bulbs Stock Images Calendar Cover by judywhite Flowers
Taylor's Guide to orchids by judywhite 1st edition
Hellebores Stock Flowers Photography Graham Rice
Cabbage Vegetables images Stock garden photography
Small Gardens Photos judywhite Graham Rice Containers Design
Sweet Peas Stock images judywhite, Graham Rice Flowers Sweetpea Stock Photography
Natural Insect Control photo by judywhite
Calla Lily Flower Sorrow Stock Imagery Book cover by judywhite
National Gardening Magazine Covery by judywhite
Ferris Wheel stock images Festival Fair Fun
Orchid Calendar photos by judywhite
Orchid Calendar by judywhite
Orchids Stock Photography Taylor's Guide to Orchids by judywhite Flowers
Lilac Flowers Stock Picturesmagazine cover judywhite
Catalog Cover by judywhite

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Please note: We are just beginning to upload images online from our picture library database to be searched. We have many more stock photos not yet online. Send us your photo requests for even more choices, a personalized lightbox, & high res downloads.

Photographer judywhite has been honored by the Garden Writers Association of America for
Outstanding Magazine Photography

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Stock Images Plants & Flowers: The very best in flower photography! Stock garden photography for all your publishing needs, from award-winning garden photographers. Garden Photos .com has the best gardening photography, searchable online, with shopping cart or contact us for direct negotiation, garden photos of the week, garden photography sampler portfolios in themes, our stock photo statistics, client list of who uses our plant stock photos, online lightboxes from stock photo library agency, ways to email your plant picture agency want list, featured garden plant photos, garden photography calendars, garden picture library, images of private and public gardens, high resolution digital delivery, pictures of orchids, and much more. We're the garden photography experts; we know stock gardening photography like the back of a garden shovel, from flowers to orchids to every kind of plant imaginable. Dig in! Online lightboxes, personalized photo searches.

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