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About Photographer
Graham Rice

Well-known award-winning British garden writer Graham Rice, author of nearly 30 plant and garden books (see partial list below), is also an accomplished photographer. His specialty is plant portraits, and his stock photography encompasses a huge range of new, old, unusual, rare, and upcoming perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, and much more.

Classically trained in horticulture and botany at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England, Graham Rice is a judge for the Royal Horticultural Society and the famous Chelsea Flower Show, and also judges the RHS Flower Trials, privy to the cutting edge of new varieties. He has served as gardening correspondant for the London Evening Standard.

His photography has graced the covers and interiors of many magazines and books. Garden Photos .com is very pleased to represent his plant picture library.

More about Graham Rice can be dug up at his website, , and on the 2014 GARDEN BLOG OF THE YEAR, Transatlantic Gardener.

Books by Graham Rice

Published in North America and the UK:

RHS / AHS Encyclopedia of Perennials, 2006 UK & USA: Dorling Kindersley

Powerhouse Plants 2012, USA & UK: Timber Press

The Dry Shade Garden 2010, USA & UK: Timber Press

A Handbook of Annuals and Bedding Plants 1986 USA: Timber Press. UK: Croom Helm.

Plants for Problem Places 1988 USA: Timber Press. UK: Croom Helm

Garden Flowers from Seed 1994 USA: Timber Press. UK: Viking/Penguin

The Gardener's Guide to Growing Hellebores 1993 USA: Timber Press. UK: David & Charles

Hardy Perennials 1995 USA: Timber Press. UK: Viking/Penguin

The Gardener's Guide to Perennials 1997 USA: Readers Digest. UK: Mitchell Beazley. Reissued as The Complete Book of Perennials 2002 US: Readers Digest. UK: Readers Digest

Discovering Annuals 1999 USA: Timber Press. UK: Frances Lincoln

Hellebores 2002 USA: Sterling. UK: Cassell/RHS. .

Written and photographed by Graham Rice.
Cover Photo at right copyright Graham Rice/

The Sweet Pea Book 2002 USA: Timber Press. UK: Batsford. Photographed by judywhite, also represented by

The Ultimate Book of Small Gardens 2005 Cassell

Published in the UK only

The All-in-One Garden 2006 Cassell

Pruning 1982 Octopus

Gardening for Beginners 1986 Ward Lock

The Gardening Handbook 1987 1987 Beacon

The Gardening Handbook 1988 1988 Beacon

The Gardening Handbook 1989 1989 Beacon

Perfect Plants 1990 Anaya

The Complete Small Garden 1992 Macmillan

Herbaceous Perennials 1992 Cassell/RHS

Bedding Plants 1993 Cassell/RHS

Gardening with Flowers Cassell/RHS 1994

The Planting Planner 1996 Macmillan

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